Carpets & Installation

Unusually, for the carpet industry, we employ our own team of professional installers and only use known contractors when the need arises.  You'll be assured that whoever represents Eagle Mill and is in your home, is known to us and is a discrete and trusted employee.

Why fit Carpet?

Today, carpet is available with soil, stain, odor, and static-resistant features, and manufacturing techniques have increased its durability and cleanability.  Yarn construction and surface texture add soft contrast to a room's angular architecture.

Carpet can disguise uneven surfaces and existing floor damage.
Carpet absorbs sound and preserves warmth in your home.


Brands that Eagle Mill Carpets supply:

We try to concentrate on UK manufacturers, using UK wools - Not for any particularly nationalistic reason, it's just that British wool is more often than not superior in terms of quality and choice of wool types.  If you should risk asking either Ben or John about why this is, then make sure you've got time on your hands and prepare to be talked at for at least half an hour!  In short, we buy what we actually like and feel confident in.

Our carpet displays are the most comprehensive in the area and we are able to offer samples of different designs, styles and patterns with many width and weight options.

Our suppliers include: 

Our service includes free estimating and home selection with take-home viewing of samples.


Specialist Carpets

Jacaranda carpets


Want something different?  Jacaranda love handmade textures as well as natural colours and materials. Like us, Jacaranda buy what they like.  They take pride in being innovative and different.  Above all, they believe that they can provide carpets, rugs and runners; using ethical and environmentally sound production practices, without compromise to quality, design or style.

Jacaranda love handmade textures...

We believe that Jacaranda carpets are genuinely interesting because of their textures.  We like the slight quirkiness and irregularity that is only possible from handmade products.  From chunky boucles and bold stripes to smooth, dense, luxurious Heavy Velvet; Jacaranda carpets and rugs are warm, textural and tactile, and never boring.

Natural Materials...

Jacaranda hand-knot Himalayan rugs from pure Chinese silk or wool sourced from the high plateaux of Tibet.  They weave carpets from high quality New Zealand wool, but also from undyed wools chosen from around the globe for their natural colours. They stitch rugs from leather hide and border their wool rugs in cotton, linen, leather or suede.

Natural colours...

We love the range and subtlety of natural hues, their ability to make a statement or to fit naturally into a wide range of interiors, both contemporary and traditional. They can look stylish but timeless.  They are easy to live with too.

Ethical production...

Many of Jacaranda's products are handmade, not mass produced, these floor coverings are woven on traditional wooden looms that require no electricity, or are knotted by hand.  Where possible they weave from undyed wool, thus reducing potentially damaging dyes within production and the environment.  Jacaranda visit their manufacturers regularly so know their labour and production practices.  All their rug suppliers are Goodweave registered and inspected.


Louis de Poortere

The Louis De Poortere philosophy is based on a simple concept: they aim to be more than just another carpet manufacturer.


LDP have focussed their creative minds on to meeting clients' aesthetic requirements - this has stimulated them to transform the generic into a magical world of colour and innovation.

Because our clients are increasingly seeking something beautiful and elegant for their homes, LDP's designers and technicians have created entire collections that are modern, accessible and designed to bring the utmost in individuality.

Client demands are becoming increasingly specific and tastes more assured.  LDP have developed bold concepts that are simple and attractive and will enable you to easily reach the ultimate in sophistication with your floorcovering.

With Louis De Poortere you will find carpets, stair runners and even bordered rugs, which you can freely mix and match to integrate your home furnishing.