Why buy from Eagle Mill Carpets?


 ....a good question which we feel very confident about answering!

Well, let's just look at some facts.   

  • We have been in business for over 30 years - clearly we must be doing something right.  A lot of our customers are repeat purchasers. 
  • We are a small and agile enough business to be able to deliver an individually tailored service.
  • We are in a big enough buying group to secure competitive prices on all of our ranges.
  • We supply an enormous range of flooringcoverings,  from carpets to luxury vinyl, Marmoleum to plant fibre products.
  • We are members of The Carpet Foundation, whose trading practices are governed by the Trading Standards Institute (formerly, the Office of Fair Trading).  The Carpet Foundation is annually audited by the TSI.
  • We employ our own installation team - we don't just farm work out to a list of contractors.  We only use contractors when absolutely necessary and, those that we do use, have worked with us for many years and work to our exceptionally high standards.
  • If there is a problem, we're here to solve them, not make them worse.  Either Ben, or John will be your regular point of contact - One (or both) of us will be the person that actually sold you your flooring, did the site survey, measured the rooms, did the cutting plan, worked out the costs etc., so we'll be intimate with the details of the products used and the work carried out.
  • Our installers will uplift and dispose of your existing flooring and move furniture if agreed with you in advance.  This is at a small cost to you but, nevertheless, a service that not all flooring suppliers will provide at all.
  • Our pricing policy is fair and consistent.  There will be no pretend discounts, no artificially high retail prices that are suddenly reduced when selling the products to you as a 'Special Offer', or a 'Managers Special Price' - We'll leave all that cynical nonsense to some of the National Retail Chains.
  • Our quotations contain no hidden charges and you can request a highly itemised version at any time.  We don't hide anything from our clients. 


            Take great care when considering other buying options...

On-line, direct purchase. 

Increasingly, flooring of all types is available via the internet, and apparently, at a much cheaper price per m2.  Here are some of the issues that you should consider before clicking the 'Buy' button on your shopping cart. 

  • Are you sure that your measurements are correct? - There's more to measuring a carpet than running a tape measure between the walls!  Around 70% of 'customers own measurements' that we are given, turn out to be wrong when we go and check measure (which we insist on doing) - yes, that's 70%!
  • If you are fitting carpets to more than one room, can you be sure that your cutting plan will be correctly set out, with pile direction taken in to consideration? - pile direction often has an enormous effect on the longevity of your carpet.
  • Is your subfloor suitable for the kind of flooring you're just about to spend money on? - Did you know that around 40% of subfloors need some remedial work carried out before you can install flooring correctly and therefore not invalidate your guarantee?
  • Do you know of a qualified fitter/installer who is properly trained to fit your chosen flooring? - Sometimes, on-line only retailers will give you a list of 'qualified' fitters/installers, however, consider this:  If there are problems with your flooring, is a contract fitter/installer going to give up a days pay just because, in his opinion, there is only a slight flaw in the flooring, or a problem with the subfloor? - The answer, of course, is not likely - a contract fitter wants to 'get it on the floor' so that he can move on to the next job.  Many is the time we are called out to put right a job which has been incorrectly installed - at a far greater expense than you would have paid to get it done right in the first place, let alone the additional upheaval and inconvenience to you and your family.
  • Is the advertised price inclusive of all charges including VAT and Delivery? - Often by the time you get to check out, the number of hidden charges amount to what you would have paid without all the worry.

Man in a Van.

To be fair, not all Man in a Van outfits are bad - in fact we know of a couple who we readily use as contractors when we occasionally need them.  You'll spot them though, their vans are always well maintained, clean and tidy and the chances are that you will have already heard of them by reputation and/or word of mouth. 

Then there's Billy Bodger, Carpet Fitter - with just a mobile phone number advertised on the side of his van...


The first thing to understand is that no reputable carpet manufacturer is going to supply Billy with an account - Therefore, you are not going to get the choice of carpet that you will from a bonefide retailer with their own premises and access to well known, quality brands.  The best that Billy can hope for is that a wholesaler will supply him with poorly made products from any amount of anonymous flooring manufacturers.

The next consideration is this: Good installers/fitters are hard to come by and genuine retailers and employers keep hold of them.  So why has Billy suddenly bought an old Transit and gone out on his own?  When you have a problem, and you probably will, Billy's mobile goes straight to voice-mail - again and again.


Warehouse Retailers 

OK, now there is a place for warehouse retailers.  They buy rolls, roll ends and end of line products very cheaply and pass on some of the discounts to you.  Again, choice is very limited to what they currently have in stock.  Be aware then that the salesperson is going to be keen to sell you what they need to get rid of, not necessarily what's best for you, or your requirements.